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Characteristics of Chinese degree suits
- Aug 30, 2018 -

In modern China, the coat of the square hat gown is completely imported. At first, it was a companion to the church schools in China of the western Jesuit and Catholic missionaries, which made it very early to come into contact with the dress. The emergence of degree suits in China has its historical and social origins and backgrounds, not from institutions of higher learning. The Italian Ricci (P.matthoeusricci) was the first Jesuit to preach in China on the cover of science and education. He shenzong Wanli 29 years (A.D. 1601) came to Beijing, initially opened the door into China. To this end, in 1735, Father Badomin (Parennin) wrote: "In order to attract their attention, it is necessary to gain their respect and trust through the knowledge of science." There is no better way to make them listen to the basic truth.

Thus, science became a bait and became an important means of achieving the original intention of the missionaries to come to China. After the Opium War, with the third clash of Chinese and Western culture (also known as blending), not only the missionaries to carry the degree suit to China, those who obtained degrees abroad to study in Europe and the United States, the degree of clothing or wearing a photo of the degree suit brought back to China, which has just been opened the door of the Chinese intellectual circles aroused strong repercussions At this point, church schools that have already spread throughout China have sprung up, even though church schools are more than colleges of higher learning. By 1877, there were about 350 national Christian schools and 5975 students. By 1889, the church school had reached 16836 students, and by 1906, it had soared to 57683. Buzi, President of St. John's University of Shanghai (F. L. Hankspott the Church school to the United States "West Point" (Westpoints), is the church mission must be a strategic body, as the missionary said: "If the church work is not based on our education work, it is like the house on the sand, it is not strong."

” Here, education is not only a bait, but also a soft weapon besides the toothfish cannon.

With the advent of modern science in China, the European degree suits have found their own new growth soil.