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Fringe of Chinese bachelor's clothing
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The tassel is hung on top of the cap knot, naturally drooping along the brim. The shape resembles China's lantern spike, hangs on the degree cap.

The use of tassels, both for the world National degree uniforms are common, in line with world practice, but also make the degree of clothing in solemn generosity at the same time, revealing a lively and elegant feeling, but also with the degree cap to form an organic whole, to avoid the bald suspicion of the degree cap, but also through the flow of the Soviet area to separate degrees and mark out the dress is a degree or student.

When a degree is not granted, the tassel is draped over the middle right front of the wearer's cap; at the degree awarding ceremony, after awarding a degree, the Chairman of the degree Assessment Committee (or school, Institute, director) moves the tassel from the front right side of the wearer's brim to the middle of the Left front and is naturally drooping. At the degree level, the Doctor's Fringe is red, the fringe of the master's is dark blue, The Bachelor fringe is black, and the headmaster's tassel is yellow. The definition of this color is in contrast to the degree robe. The fringe of the School (Institute), the Chairman and members of the degree Assessment Committee (or mentor) and the degree holders is hung in the middle of the left front of the cap.