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History of the reform of China's bachelor costume
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The modern sense of degree clothing has been in China for nearly a century, but due to social, political and other factors, the degree of clothing in China disappeared and gradually forgotten by people. With the establishment of the new China degrees and the expansion of China's reform and opening-up and foreign exchanges, the degree suits began to appear in the university campus, and gradually became a beautiful campus scenery line.

At the same time, the research work on the degree suits has begun. Spontaneous does not mean self-consciousness.

The State Council's degree committee, the supreme body of the national Leadership degree, is closely following the situation. In 1992, the State Council's degree Committee decided to organize research on the issue of degree suits as soon as possible.

The Office of the degree Committee of the State Council was instructed to carry out research work in the country and a joint research group with the Beijing Institute of Clothing, which carried out a special study on "Constructing Modern Chinese degree service system". On the basis of in-depth research and extensive consultation, in 1994, the State Council's degree Committee approved the adoption of the new China's own degree suit and made a decision: as a uniform and standardized degree service, it is recommended to the National degree awarding unit, and all other styles of degree suits are abolished.

New China has its own modern degree suit. This uniform standard of degree clothing, including doctor's clothing, Master's degree clothing two degrees and principal clothing. According to the decision of the State Council's degree committee, the bachelor's clothing is not included in this set of degrees and is not recommended for use at this stage.

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