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The drape of Chinese bachelor's suit
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Drape, also known as shawl, is the evolution of the neck cap. On the one hand, the degree clothing is full of change, plays a unique decorative role, on the other hand, is to identify the degree of the degrees of the different disciplines and the degree of the school.

Drape shape for the triangle pocket, fabric pattern using Chinese traditional peony flower, rich, auspicious.

Draped over a bachelor's robe, the hood is draped over the shoulder, and the buckle is draped over the top button of the bachelor's robe, and the triangular pocket naturally hangs behind. When wearing a bachelor's clothing, you must not casually choose the color of the drape, because different colors with different meanings. However, in China there is no specific regulation on the color of drape, in most universities in China, economics, management-related degree winners are pink drape. For example, all the graduates of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University have pink drape, and all the graduates of Tsinghua University are yellow draped