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The function of Doctor's suit
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Years of college life, hardships, the end of a student's career is often a graduation ceremony for its formal symbol. Although the forms of ceremonies vary from one university to the other, the connotation of the various universities is consistent. For example, the prestigious University of Oxford's most spectacular celebration, not an ordinary degree awarding ceremony, is an honorary degree.

This grand activity is called Enchena (Theencaenia). The mighty Enchena procession departed from a college, through the streets lined with ancient buildings, through the square squares and theological Seminary of the Thebodleianlibrary Library, and finally to the Sheldon Auditorium (Thesheldoniantheatre). The procession was filled with a sacred, solemn atmosphere, and a unified architecture seemed to bring these scholars back to the age of faith. The statue of the great man, who has been watching the ups and downs of Oxford, is a tribute to the bishops and kings who donated the year.

The buildings and statues constitute a harmonious and complete religious atmosphere, which contrasts with the people in front of them. The solemn atmosphere was only just beginning, and then it was slowly being taken to the Sheldon Auditorium. It is Archbishop Sheldon (Sheldon) as a gift to Oxford University in 1664, so far, at the top of the main entrance is still embedded in the education of the donor's relief portrait. The completion of the 1711 Zenith painting, which ended its history as the university's printing office, became a place for the University of Oxford to award degrees.

In the Zenith paintings, the beautiful goddess and the little angels who travelled the sky celebrated the triumph of religion; a sinner fell from heaven to Hell, and the serpent wound him, so that he could not escape the punishment he deserved. The ritual was solemnly carried out in accordance with the Convention. After the award of honorary degrees, some students who have received university scholarships read aloud the "Get a scholarship speech". Finally, the school representative or professor of literature made a concluding speech to commemorate the university's donors. In the afternoon, the Vice-chancellor usually holds "campus gatherings" at his own college.

At this time, participants can wear formal degree dresses, but also have an informal dress. Contrary to the traditional religious rituals of Oxford, the Green lawn and the grassy hillside on the campus of the University of Carnegie Mellon (Thecarnegiemellonuniversity) in the United States make people feel kind and natural. There is no such a solemn, mysterious atmosphere that is almost suffocating, but a world of "worldly" harmony with nature. The simple and familiar hall of accreditation is in harmony with this natural environment, without the slightest grandeur.