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Composition Structure Of The Degree Suit
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The provision of degree clothing from the degree cap, fringe, degree robes, drape and other four components. Bachelor degree cap for square type black; the cap fringe is red, the master's hat fringe is dark blue, the headmaster's hat is yellow, the master's robe is black and red, The Bachelor's robe is blue and dark blue, the BA robe is full black, the tutor degree robe is red and black, the school robe is full red, and the gown is in the color of literature, Confucianism,

The six major categories of engineering, agronomy, medicine and military are powder, silver gray, yellow, green, white and red.

Each degree awarding unit shall, if it is required to embody the mark of the unit in the degree suit, embroider (print or wear) the emblem of the School (Institute, Office) at the left chest of the degree robe, and also use the color of the unit in the vertical lining.