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Guide To Wearing A Degree Suit
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Degree caps:

Degree caps are square-shaped black.

When wearing a degree cap, the opening of the hat is placed in the center of the back of the brain, and the cap must be parallel to the wearer's gaze.

Fringed: The length of the school (hospital, the department), the Mentor hat Fringe is yellow.

Doctorate fringe for red, Master's degree fringe for dark blue, bachelor degree fringe for black. The tassel is hung on top of the cap knot, naturally drooping along the brim.

When a degree is not received, the tassel is hung in the middle right front of the wearer's cap, and after the degree is awarded, the Chairman of the degree Assessment Committee (or school, Institute, director) moves the tassel from the right side of the wearer's brim to the middle of the Left front and is naturally drooping.

Degree gowns:

The school robe is all red, the tutor robe is red, the black two colors, the doctoral degree robe is black, the red two colors, the master degree robe is blue, the dark blue two colors, the Bachelor degree robe is black, Wear a degree robe and be naturally presentable.

No other clothing is allowed outside the degree robe.

Hanging cloth:

Drape for the head of the three-color pocket, decorative edge by the text, reason, work, agriculture, medicine, military six categories are marked as powder, gray, yellow, green, white, red color. Draped over a degree gown, the drape is draped over the shoulder, and the buckle is draped over the top button of the degree robe, which naturally hangs behind.

Drape according to the grant degree of the text, reason, work, agriculture, medicine, military, the six categories are worn respectively.

Accessory Attire:

Underwear: should be white or light-coloured shirts.

Men tie, women can tie.

Trousers: A man with dark trousers, a lady with dark trousers or a deep, vegetarian skirt. Shoes: Dark leather shoes.