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The Founding Of The Degree Suit
- Aug 30, 2018 -

At the first of 13th century, the University of Paris, France, the first degree system, doctorate, Master's and bachelor's degree three grades. In order to be able to demonstrate different degrees of scholarship at the degree awarding ceremony, the costume designer, at the request of the President of the University of Paris, designed a uniform and standardized degree suit. The degree suit consists of a degree cap, fringe, a degree robe and a set head triangular pocket drape. The degree cap is unified into a book square, black; Fringe is the important difference between degrees, the fringe of the doctor's cap is red, the fringe of the master's cap is dark blue, the fringe of The Bachelor's hat is black, and the decorative color of the drape is an important marker of the subject, according to the six major professions of literature, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and military, respectively , green, white and red, the doctorate robe is red, black two color, master degree robe is blue, dark blue two color, bachelor degree robe is yellow, white two color.