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Wear Requirements For Degree Suits
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The dress code stipulates that "degree clothing is a degree winner, a school (institution or a director) of a degree holder and a degree-awarding unit, the Chairman and a member (or mentor) of the degree Assessment committee attend a dissertation defence meeting, a degree awarding ceremony, a honorary Doctorate award ceremony, a graduation ceremony and a school (institution)." Formal dresses for events such as celebrations. The dress shall conform to the following specifications: When wearing a degree cap, the cap is minds in the middle of the opening of the hat, which is parallel to the line of sight of the wearer; The tassel is hung on top of the cap knot and is naturally drooping along the brim; when no degree is received, the Fringe hangs in the middle right front of the wearer's cap; The Chairman of the degree Assessment Committee (or school, Institute, director) moves the tassel from the front right side of the wearer's brim to the middle of the Left front and is naturally drooping. When wearing a degree gown, no other clothing is allowed outside the degree gown. Drape for the Head triangle Pocket type, wearing in the degree robe, the head draped on the shoulder, paved over the shoulder, buckle in the degree hold the top button, triangular pocket naturally hanging behind, according to the award degree of the text, reason, work, agriculture, medicine, military, six categories are worn respectively.